8 Steps to Make Children Smart

Smart children are one of the things that they are proud of. Smart children are not only smart or know the answers to questions asked to them, but also a talented student who is able to understand a subject or problem in depth. What makes a child smart? Here are some supporting ways to raise smart kids. Smart is not always about the level of cognitive intelligence through IQ measurement. Child development experts are now trying to find ways for children to fulfill their overall intellectual potential. And without putting too much pressure on the child. Making smart children can be a challenge for parents, families, and teaching staff. Give support to the process of growth and development into a smart child with the following steps: Meet balanced nutrition Research says, as fast as a child runs while playing at home and at school, as soon as his brain grows and develops. The child's brain will experience rapid growth from birth until the child is 4 years old. The period that i
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